Our Mission

Our mission is to help dental professionals find the best continuing education.

Here’s our Story

My name is Aly Bhatia, I’m a dentist in Toronto, Canada. I’m the CEO and founder of Course Karma. After graduating dental school from Western University, I found it challenging to decide what CE to take….I asked myself:⁣

  • Where can I go to find courses?⁣
  • What courses are available near me?⁣
  • Why should I pay so much for a course when I can get my credits at my local conference?⁣
  • Will I be able to use what I learnt in the clinic on Monday?⁣
  • Which courses are better than others?⁣

I realized that the only way to answer these questions was to ask my peers from my dental school, a group of 56 students who were also asking the same questions.⁣

And so I started to build Course Karma, a portal for dental CE. A place where dentists can go to view all the CE available and read course reviews. But Course Karma is more than just a platform. It’s a movement where dentists help each other find the best CE.⁣

Meet Zain Punjwani our Chief Operating Officer. Zain and I have been friends for over 10 years. When I mentioned Course Karma to him he was immediately fascinated. Zain’s previous experiences include working at Microsoft’s Partner, Business and Development team and at the University of Cape Town to empower impoverished communities to build social enterprises. With his passion for modern education he was immediately on board to grow the Course Karma movement.⁣

Our mission is for dentists to take the best CE and elevate their dentistry. With Course Karma, we are creating a community where dentists can help each other by sharing their knowledge and experience. ⁣

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we can improve dental CE and dentistry as a whole.

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