We send your CE certificate to all attendees for you!

During quarantine and the days of bingeing on webinars, many of our partners struggled to provide CE certificates to attendees. We started our Automated CE Certificates service to lighten that burden. The success of this feature has led to our partners using them for not only webinars but in-person courses as well!


CE Certification is automatically emailed to attendees

Attendance can be verified using a code or quiz

Course feedback form is integrated

Review for Course Karma is collected

The CE certificate sent to attendees is not a blank certificate. It is a PDF filled with their information including name, AGD number and even their signature if required. One of the major benefits of this service is the ability to collect a Course Karma review to continue building your brand and online presence. We have found that course listings with reviews have 8x more traffic and 10x as many registration attempts. The review collected will be labeled as “Verified”.

How it works

1. Send us a PDF of your CE Certificate

2. Let us know whether you would like to include feedback questions, a quiz or verification code

3. We will provide you with a link to send to all attendees

4. This will send attendees to fill out a form with feedback questions etc.

5. Once they submit the form a filled, PDF certificate will be sent to their email.

Email us at hello@coursekarma.com for pricing and to get started!

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