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4 Best Courses for Dental New Grads

Hey there, freshly-baked dentists! Congrats on graduating and becoming one of the coolest medical professionals around! (Okay, maybe we’re a little biased, but still!)
But, let’s be real, you didn’t just spend all those years in dental school to stop learning now, did you? That’s why we’ve put together this article on Best Courses for Dental New Grads.
Lucky for you, there is plenty of dental CE out there that can help you level up your skills and meet other like-minded dentists. Let’s face it dentistry can be lonely especially when you first graduate.
But before we get into the courses, let’s talk about two other ways to help you transition from dental school to dental practice:

1. General Practice Residency (GPR) or Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Program

Let’s face it; dental school only teaches you so much. If you want to be the best dentist you can be, you’ll want to consider a GPR or AEGD program. It’s like a gap year, except instead of backpacking around Europe, you get to work alongside experienced dentists in a hospital setting or clinic. It’s a great way to fast track your career as many of these programs allow you to perform more complex procedures like Full Mouth Rehabs, implants, aesthetic dentistry. Taking these programs can also bolster your application to that speciality program you told all your classmates you weren’t gunning for :D. Not all programs are the same so be sure to ask past residents and read some reviews.

2. Finding a Mentor in Private Practice

Another option for new dentists is to find a good mentor in private practice. A mentor can provide guidance, advice, and support as you navigate the early stages of your career. They can help you transition from a 3 hour appointment for an occlusal to providing more comprehensive care. The practice you work at will also impart their values and dental philosophy on you, for better or for worse…
This is important so allow me to be blunt for a moment. If you start your career working in a practice primarily motivated to increase production over patient care you will be influenced no matter how morally sound you are. Choose the right practice. One that aligns with your philosophy as it will shape the trajectory of your career.

Now that you have a solid foundation, what are the Best Courses for Dental New Grads?

Taking courses are an excellent way to expand your knowledge, learn new techniques, and meet some fellow dentists. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend learning how to place dental implants while munching on some free snacks and coffee? Not to mention, many courses offer a new grad discount that you should definitely take advantage of.

 Right out of dental school the goal should be becoming a capable and confident general dentist. Once you have mastered the basics then you can move onto more “sexy” procedures like implants, smile makeovers, wisdom teeth extractions.

Some factors to keep in mind:

1. What do you need to learn or practice more? 

Are you uncomfortable doing molar endos? Or perhaps class II restorations. 

2. What can you implement into practice right away? 

Taking a course on digital dentistry is exciting but will have no use to you if you do not have the equipment. Rule of thumb: If you are unable to implement what you learn at a course the following week you will lose the skills. you just learnt.

3. What level are you? 

Taking a wisdom tooth extraction course when you are not comfortable taking out a perio involved central may not be the best idea. Master the basics first.

4. What’s your budget? 

When if comes to CE, prices can range from free to $20,000.  Those commas in your student loan are no joke.

Cheaper courses can be great if they have a quality instructor and are not simply sales pitches for a product (the same can be said about all courses). Be mindful of this, there is no free lunch.
Many programs provide a new grad discount so be sure to take advantage of that while you can.
We also have many CE deals available.

5. What is the real cost of this course?

Do not fall into the trap of taking 3 mediocre courses and then finally paying for the course you really wanted to take.
Your time is valuable. The better CE you take, the more successful you will be to implement your new skills.
Be mindful of your budget but do not sacrifice quality. You can use our CE search engine to find ratings and reviews to help you decide.

Areas we recommend focusing on:

1. Treatment planning and occlusion

Dental school prepares you for single tooth dentistry but often doesn’t get a chance to teach you about more comprehensive care.
While you will be very prepared to restore a fractured premolar you may not be able to pick up on why it continues to fracture.
Understanding occlusion also lays the necessary groundwork if you are interested in placing implants or aesthetic dentistry.
To learn treatment planning and occlusion I recommend looking into programs that have a continuum. The “big four” programs are:
Running an Exceptional Business – Managing Musts

Spear Education provides advanced training and continuing education courses for dental professionals, founded by Dr. Frank Spear in 2007. The company offers courses and resources to enhance clinical skills and knowledge in restorative and implant dentistry, occlusion, treatment planning, and practice management.

Best Courses for Dental New Grads

The Kois Center is a dental education and research institution founded by Dr. John Kois, which offers a comprehensive curriculum for dentists seeking to enhance their clinical skills and knowledge. Its courses cover topics such as restorative dentistry, implant dentistry, occlusion, and treatment planning based on scientific evidence.

Best Courses for Dental New Grads

For 40 years, Dr. Peter E. Dawson, D.D.S., has taught us timeless principles of occlusion and restorative dentistry, which has laid the foundation for The Dawson Academy’s success and the success of tens of thousands of dentists worldwide.

Best Courses for Dental New Grads

The Pankey Institute is a non-profit dental education and research organization founded by Dr. L.D. Pankey, which offers comprehensive courses, workshops, and programs to dental professionals to enhance their clinical skills, improve patient outcomes, and promote lifelong learning with a focus on individualized treatment planning, occlusion, and restorative dentistry.

2. Restorative Dentistry (direct and indirect)

This is your bread and butter. 🍞

If you are not feeling confident in these or looking to level up your game consider taking CE. Especially to learn how to improve in aesthetics, adhesion, isolation and learn new techniques like biomimetic dentistry.
Best Courses for Dental New Grads

im P.R.E.S. dental courses taught by Dr. Amanda Seay and Dr. Adamo Notarantonio in restorative and esthetic dentistry. The courses cover adhesive dentistry, bonding protocols, techniques, esthetic dentistry, digital dentistry and photography.

Best Courses for Dental New Grads

The Nejad Institute provides comprehensive Dental CE courses, training, and mentoring in biomimetic & esthetic dentistry. The training combines education of research-backed science with proven techniques and hands-on application. Every course is updated regularly to include new literature, materials, and techniques.

Dental Online Training Premium Membership

Dental Online Training is a continuing education platform for dentists, dental students, and dental assistants that specializes in hands-on education without travel expenses.

Best Courses for Dental New Grads

The BAARD Institute offers online and in-person courses in Biomimetic & Advanced Adhesive Restorative Dentistry.
These Courses are designed to be workshops with evidenced based didactic learning coupled with case presentation, protocols, & ample demos of techniques.

Best Courses for Dental New Grads

Learn online LIVE with the world’s best instructors without leaving your office! 

 3. Endo

Hate it or love it do not lose this skill. At least not right away.
Take the CE, practice and make sure you give endo a fair chance. If eventually you decide it’s not for you that’s fine. But as an associate dentist this is an important skill to have.
You will find most principle dentists will ask in interviews: “Do you do molar endos?”
Endodontics Unsponsored

This 2-day course consists of a combination of lecture and laboratory work (about 50% lecture and 50% hands-on working with extracted teeth).

E-School: Everyday Endo Made Easy
E-School is a targeted endodontics curriculum designed to complement your busy life as a general dentist. The goal of E-School is to help you increase your profits, reduce your chair time, and improve your patients’ happiness, all by increasing your endodontic knowledge and skills.
Are you currently not comfortable with endodontics in your office? If you are a general dentist ready to expand your level of endodontic expertise, Amplify Dental Training has created a one day hands-on workshop that is just for you.

Access Endo Impact Academy is a comprehensive online continuing education program with live coaching and mentorship and a multitude of CE opportunities for doctors. Access Endo Impact Academy is focused on the two areas where dentists struggle the most – Endodontics and Personal Growth and Wellness.

 4. Oral Surgery

Another procedure that can be nerve wracking and produce shaky-hands and wet-pants syndrome. Also another procedure many practice owners want their associate dentists to be able to be able to perform.
Start with the basics, learn how to deal with complications and then work your way up to wisdom teeth if you are up for it
Online exo

Online Exodontia.com is home to the O.S. Accelerator Course™ which conveys everything you will ever need to know to extract teeth safely and confidently in your office.  Members of my course will have direct access to Dr. Jason Hoium at all times to help guide/mentor you to overcome whatever obstacles you may be facing to ensure you achieve your goals and are actually able to implement the information you’re exposed to in the course.

AMP1: Achieving Atraumatic Extractions & Simple Socket Preservation is a live patient course where you (the attendee) will perform all your own surgeries. We typically see 65+ patients per class and always have around 20 doctors attending. Most patients need multiple extractions, including full arch extractions.

Been wanting to learn about Extractions? Implant Ninja Ninja EXT has got your back. We’ll be going over all the tools of the trade you’ll need to be successful with extractions, case selection, treatment planning tips, and surgical videos to review EXT techniques!

Endodontics Unsponsored (1)

This course is designed for general practitioners who wish to perform more of their own surgeries. It is a step-by-step presentation of numerous minor surgical procedures that the dentist can and WILL confidently perform in the office. Participants will perform a large number of hands-on procedures utilizing anatomical specimens.

Wrapping up


Transitioning from dental school to private practice can be a challenging process, but with the right mindset and tools, you can set yourself up for success. Whether you choose a GPR or AGD program, find a mentor in private practice, or take some dental CE courses, you’re sure to have some fun and gain some valuable skills and knowledge along the way. You’ve got this young padawan!

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