Continuing Education Meets Social Distancing

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, most CE events have been cancelled and dental offices limited to emergencies only. But that doesnā€™t mean you have to watch Netflix all day or spend time with your kids (I’m kidding, please spend time with your kids). We have created this list of the top online dental continuing education. It will provide you with some much need distraction while social distancing. If you are looking for free online CE, you can view our other post,Ā Best Free Online CE.

What made the list?
First, we used Course Karma and found theĀ highest rated online CE. Next, we searched through many dental Facebook groups and forums to see what online CE was being recommended. If a course had multiple reviews or recommendations we added it to our list.Ā 

These are in no particular order but we have organized them based on topic


  • Implant Ninja
    • Comprehensive online course with step-by-step instructions on how to place implants
    • Price ranges from $995 to $1,500

Oral Surgery

    • Comprehensive oral surgery course with mentorship
    • $1995 /year or 12 monthly payments of $175 /Month
  • Third Molars Online
    • The Ultimate Surgical Third Molar Extraction Course by Dr. Nekky Jamal
    • $1,597 for lifetime access
      • Course Karma users receiveĀ $200 off


  • E-School
    • Comprehensive endodontics course by Dr. Sonia Chopra
    • $1,597 for lifetime access and $2,297 with coaching

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Dental Online Training Mentorship
      • Comprehensive online classes (lecture + technique demonstration through a microscope) by Dr. Dennis Hartlieb
      • Basic membership is $49/mo or $1,495/year
  • Hands-Online Live
    • Very innovative program with the top restorative instructors. It’s online, live and they send you a kit for the hands on portion.
    • $269 per course (2 CE credits)
  • AACD Virtual Campus
    • AACD is a leader in cosmetic dentistry.
    • $535 annually for membership, reduced prices forĀ new grads and students
      • Includes DentalXP and Restorative Nation membership as well
  • Restorative Nation
    • Videos curated by Dr. Lee Ann Brady, current director of Pankey Institute and a leader in dentistry
    • 60 day free trial, then $49/month
  • Cosmedent CEE Virtual
    • Well known for their in person courses, their online courses are taught by their top tier instructors as well
    • Prices range from $595 to $895

General Dentistry/ Multiple disciplines

  • Dental XP
    • One of the most popular sources of online CE
    • Topics include orthodontics, surgery and restorative
    • $499.95 /year or $59.95 /month
  • Spear Online
    • Although Spear is better known for occlusion and treatment planning, their online program covers many topics
    • One of the more expensive online CEā€™s but high-quality courses
    • $250 /month, annual subscription
  • Dr. Bicuspid
    • Multiple topics
    • Pay per course or $249 /year for unlimited
    • Free CE available as well
  • Inside Dentistry
    • Multiple topics
    • Read an article and take a quiz for CE credits
    • 1 – 2 credits for under $20, some free CE as well

Occlusion and Treatment Planning

  • Dawson Academy
    • Dawson Academy is one of the leading CE institutes alongside Spear, Kois, Pankey and others
    • 1,495 /year or $135 /month for 12 continuous months
  • Phelan Dental Seminars
    • A pioneer in teaching treatment planning online
      • Price ranges from $1,497 to $1,977

Business Management

  • Front Office Rocks
    • Front office training, frequently recommended in Facebook groups
      • $249 /month
  • Dental Nachos
    • In person training available as well
    • Be sure to check out theirĀ Facebook GroupĀ for live CE and deals on their courses
    • Prices range from $2- $175
  • Dental Business Mentors
    • Training for dentists and all team members
    • $179.00/ moĀ  and $2,148 /year
  • ACT Dental Academy
    • Similar to above, training for the whole team
    • $199 /month
      • Currently they have a promotion reducing price to $95 /month



I hope these courses help you stay productive while staying at home. If you do take one of these courses, pleaseĀ write a reviewĀ for it onĀ Course Karma. It will help other dentists find the best CE.

Did we miss something? Please comment below and include your review of the program.

Dr. Aly Bhatia, DDS
Course Karma Founder

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