At Course Karma we are building a community of dental colleagues with the vision of improving dental education and dentistry as a whole. With that in mind we have some guidelines to keep Course Karma a safe place for all, dental professionals and course providers alike.

General Guidelines

  • Inappropriate content, threats, harassment, discrimination or hate speech will not be tolerated
  • Reviews should be unbiased. Do not review your own course or a competitors course.
  • You may share information that is already publicly available (instructor names etc) however please don’t publicize private information.
  • Don’t impersonate people or organizations
  • Each individual is allowed review a course once. If you wish you may add an update to your original review and rating.
  • We respect the right of a reviewer to remain anonymous. The only information that is publically available is what you have shared on your profile.

Additional Review Guidelines

We want your voice to be heard! Your colleagues will use your review to decide which course to take. Your review should be truthful and comprise of your personal experience at a given courses. We ask users to be generous with compliments and constructive with criticism.  Negative reviews are helpful and feedback can improve a course but we do not allow personal attacks on the course provider or instructor. If you have a dispute, please state the facts so that you can help other users and allow course provider to respond. Remember, we are all colleagues here! We don’t take sides when it comes to disputes so please be prepared to stand behind your review.

If a review is flagged for violation of guidelines it will be taken down and you will be contacted via email.  If there is a dispute we may ask for proof of course attendance however we do not act as a finder of facts. Course Karma reserves the right to remove a review, course provider response, course from the database or suspend/terminate an account.

If you see something that violates our guidelines please notify us. Please note, this does not guarantee the content will be removed. Something that is disagreeable to you may not meet the criteria for being taken down. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of Course Karma users and not of Course Karma.

Thank you for helping us create the Course Karma community!


-The Course Karma Team