Thank you for taking part in Karma Days! This guide will provide you more information on the event and how to make the most of it.

Important Dates:

  • July 31st – Activation form due to register of Karma Days 2.0
  • August 13th – Promo codes should be active (and sent to us)
  • August 20th – Early access to deals starts.
    • Ideal day to share on your Instagram story (1/3)
  • August 25th – Karma Days begins
    • Ideal day to share on your Instagram story (2/3)
  • August 27thCross-promotional emails to be sent by this day (ideally sent on the 20th or 27th)
  • August 30thIdeal day to share on your Instagram story (3/3)
  • August 31th- Karma Days ends
  • September 1st – Extended access begins
  • September 8th – Extended access to deals ends
  • September 9th – You may deactivate promo codes
  • September 30th – Submit sales report and sales fee

Next steps

1. Activation form

Fill out the Karma Days Activation Form to submit the details of your deal and read our terms and conditions. The sooner you register the sooner we can start promoting your courses!

New to Course Karma? Get started by adding your courses to our directory: Join Course Karma

2. Promo Codes

Promo codes should be active and sent to us by August 13th so we can test them before Karma Days. They should be active till Sept 9th. Please do not add the promo code to your course listing, we will add it on August 20th.

3. Tracking Sales

We can track sales in a number of ways:

  • Affiliate links (ideal)
    We track sales using affiliate links. These links allow us to see when a sale is made through Course Karma. Most online platforms have affiliate dashboard which can be easily set up. Please email us and we can provide you guidance if required.
  • Promo Code
    If an affiliate link is unavailable, you will have to track the number of times your promo code was used on your site and send us a report at the end of Karma Days.
  • Lead Generation
    For certain courses we will collect leads (name and email address) and forward them to your sales team. You will have to keep track of any registrations by these leads and send us a report on sales.

4. Beef up your course listing

Ensure your course listing is up to date, with photos/videos and reviews. Reviews are why dentists come to Course Karma and how they decide what course to take. From the last Karma Days we found listings with reviews had 30 times more registration button clicks and 6 times more sales than the group who didn’t.

5. Share the love


If you choose the cross promotion option, please send an email to your mailing list/email subscribers by August 27th about the deal you will be providing during Karma Days. Include a link to the Karma Days page or your Course Karma course listing but do not share your promo code

Here is an example template you can use.

Dear Dr. Rachel,

Exciting news! We are collaborating with Course Karma and providing an amazing deal on our courses for Karma Days 2.0. Enjoy 50% off all our online courses from August 20th to the 31st. Karma Days is a collaborative effort of educators coming together to inspire dentists to take the best CE.

Deals will take place on

Thank you for your continued support of our program!

Dr. Harvey

Social media:

Tag us in you Karma Days stories and posts and we will re-share them on our social media! Feel free to use our logos if you are creating a post of your own

We will continue updating this page as we get closer to Karma Days. Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns! We hope you are as excited as we are about Karma Days 2.0.