Let’s get the party started!

Thank you for taking part in Karma Days! This guide will provide you more information on the event and how to make the most of it.

What are Karma Days?

Karma Days is the biggest CE deals event of the year. The goal of Karma Days is that of Course Karma, to inspire dentists to invest in themselves and take the best CE. Karma Days will include:

  • Deals on the top CE courses
  • Course giveaways
  • Course Karma gift cards
    • these must be spent on verified Course Karma courses i.e. your courses!
  • Voting for the Top CE of 2020
    • Winners will be announced in December
  • A whole lot of fun on social media!

All this will take place on our landing page: Karma Days Page coming soon!

When are Karma Days?

  • Karma Days Part I will have deals for Online CE from Nov 20th to 30th.
    • Early access starts at 12PM ET
    • General access at 2 PM ET
    • Karma Days will end November 30th 10PM ET
  • Karma Days Part II will be for in-person courses and take place mid February
  • You can participate in one part or both.

Note: Your course does not have to take place during these dates, this is how long the deals event will last for.

Why you should participate:

  • Free advertising on Course Karma
    • Your course will be added to our home page and the Karma Days page where we will be sending all of our traffic. They will also be shared in our newsletter and social media.
  • Increased sales and exposure of your program
    • Similar to last year, we will heavily promoting Karma Days via dental Facebook groups, Instagram influencers, podcasts and paid advertising to drive sales. 
  • Reduced fees
    • We will be reducing our fee on sales during the event so the maximal discount is passed on to our users and to make it an easy decision for you to join in on the fun!
  • Bringing the dental community together
    • We understand the challenges course providers have experienced due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, many of you stepped up during the quarantine and provided free webinars. Karma Days will be an opportunity for dentists to show their appreciation and support your programs. Talk about good karma!
    • Similarly, the deals you provide will be very helpful for dentists who have limited budgets due to clinic closures, new graduates unable to find an associate position and dental students who are getting limited training at school.

Next steps

1. Activation form

Fill out the Karma Days Activation Form to submit the details of your deal and read our terms and conditions. If you are participating in Karma Days Part I, please ensure Promo Codes are active by November 15th and you have a system in place to track the number of times the codes are used.

Note: if your course is currently not on Course Karma please click here to add it.

2. Beef up your course listing

Ensure your course listing is up to date, with photos/videos and reviews. Reviews are why dentists come to Course Karma and how they decide what course to take. Course listings with reviews recieve 10x more registration attempts.

3. Share the love

In the spirit of coming together to promote continuing education we ask all providers to share their participation in Karma Days.

Reach out to your network and let them know you will be participating in Karma Days and to vote for you for Top CE of 2020! Feel free to discuss the deal you will be providing but please do not share the promo codes.


Here is an example template you can use.

Dear Dr. Rachel,

Exciting news! We are collaborating with Course Karma and providing an amazing deal on our courses for Karma Days. Enjoy 50% off all our online courses from November 20th to the 30th. Karma Days is a collaborative effort of educators coming together to inspire dentists to take the best CE. 2020 has been a challenging year and so we hope you find this deal timely. We also ask that you kindly vote for us for Top CE of 2020 in the ______ category and _____ category.

Deals and voting will take place on www.CourseKarma.com/karma

Thank you for your continued support of our program!

Dr. Harvey

Social media:

Tag us in you Karma Days posts and we will re-share them on our social media! Feel free to use our logos if you are creating a post of your own

We will continue updating this page as we get closer to Karma Days. Please email us at hello@coursekarma.com if you have any questions or concerns! We hope you are as excited as we are about Karma Days. Let’s turn things around and end 2020 with some fun!