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Surgical Session 1: Extract, Preserve & Place Single Implant Fundamentals
Dive into implant dentistry with our intensive two-day course! Guided by world-renowned Misch Educators, you’ll master techniques like atraumatic extractions and single implant placement. It’s not just theory; it’s hands-on training tailored for your practice. And the journey doesn’t stop there – enrolling in all 5 sessions gives you exclusive access to the Misch Mentorship Program for continual learning. Join us and elevate your dental services!

Surgical Session 2: Multi-Implant Strategies Partial & Fully Edentulous Solutions
Elevate your offerings with our second session. Misch Educators will guide you through surgical techniques, prosthetic solutions, and hands-on practice for partial and fully edentulous cases. This concentrated learning experience is perfect for practitioners aiming to expand their skills and master predictable outcomes with multi-implant strategies. Join us and elevate your practice!

Surgical Session 3:Overcoming Deficiencies GBR & Sinus with Implant Placement
Dive deep into the core principles of guided bone regeneration (GBR) and sinus lift techniques in Session 3. Learn how to handle various osseous deficiencies and optimize implant placement success from our globally recognized Misch Educators. Emphasizing hands-on learning and interactive case-based discussions, the course enables dental professionals to improve their proficiency in handling challenging scenarios and complex anatomical structures. Upgrade your skills and case management abilities!

Surgical Session 4:
Fresh Sockets Mastering Immediate Implants
Dive into immediate implant placement, covering essential criteria for optimal outcomes. You’ll explore special considerations in the esthetic zone, premolar, and molar areas. Attendees will also gain insights into the prosthodontic aspects of implant placement and use of provisional restorations for perfecting the peri-implant soft tissue profile. Enhance your expertise with this intensive, hands-on experience!

Surgical Session 5:
Navigating Complications Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst
Session 5 prepares you to address complications that may arise in implant dentistry. Understanding how to treat the various complications that can occur will not only allow you to manage your patients in these circumstances, but will also improve your understanding of how to avoid the complications from occurring. Join this session and improve your outcomes!

Enroll in all 5 sessions  to access the Misch Mentorship Program—a unique opportunity in implant dentistry. Gain exclusive consults with Misch educators for case presentations, collaborative reviews, treatment planning, and personalized clinical guidance. It’s our commitment to your professional growth and confidence in implant dentistry.

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