New Year, New YOU: Dental CE Deals 😁🎉

As we usher in the New Year, it’s time to reflect not just on the changes we wish to see in our lives, but also on the growth we aspire to in our professional journeys. For dental professionals, this period of new beginnings brings a compelling opportunity to invest in one of the most valuable assets you have: yourself.

Our New Year’s commitment at Course Karma is to support your journey of professional development and transformation. We believe that the path to exceptional patient care and a thriving dental practice begins with continuous learning and skill enhancement. That’s why we’re excited to offer exclusive New Year deals on our Dental Continuing Education (CE) courses.

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Extraction Courses Deals

Live Hands-On Impacted Third Molar Removal –  New Year Deal Has Ended
★★★★★ 15 Reviews
Salt Lake City, Utah
– Western Surgical and Sedation Live Hands-On Impaction Course (IC). If you aim to confidently, efficiently, and predictably remove impacted third molars without the need for external referrals, then this course is tailored for you. Dr. Heath Hendrickson, the Course Director, will be your instructor for this comprehensive program.

Efficient Extractions – New Year Deal Has Ended
Online – This course provides a tried and true standardized protocol that allows for smooth and streamlined predictability on the procedures that you regularly perform:

The Oral Surgery Accelerator Course™ –  New Year Deal Coming Soon
★★★★★ 43 Reviews
ONLINE – hosts the O.S. Accelerator Course™, providing comprehensive knowledge for safe and confident tooth extractions in your office. As a valued member, you’ll have direct access to me for ongoing guidance and mentorship. Recently enriched with highly requested live patient content on my extraction site, these videos cover extractions on all tooth types, from primary to third molars, across a spectrum of complexities.

Implant Courses Deals

Canadian Implant Dentistry Network – New Year Deal Has Ended
The Canadian Implant Dentistry Network (CIDN) provides a wide range of courses and programs suitable for dental professionals at every expertise level. Whether you’re entering the field or looking to advance your skills. Seize this opportunity to elevate your dental implant knowledge at a special rate and propel your expertise to new heights.


Misch Implant Institute – New Year Deal Has Ended
★★★★★ 1 Review
Novotel – Miami, Florida or Dallas, Texas
– Embark on or enhance your Implantology career today by gaining comprehensive knowledge of dental implants! Established since 1984, Misch Implant institute boasts a pioneering legacy in the dental implant community, offering you unparalleled access to a wealth of experience and expertise.

Pathway to Predictable and Successful Implant Placement –  New Year Deal Has Ended
Bone Grafting Utilizing CGF/PRF: Lecture and Hands-on: New Year Deal Has Ended

★★★★★ 34 Reviews
Santa Barbara County, California – Enhance your understanding of implant fundamentals and principles for a successful start or expansion of your Implantology career with Restored Smiles! Sessions one and two, situated in Los Angeles, California, feature engaging and evidence-based classes, coupled with hands-on exercises using various models throughout the sessions.

Digital Implant Continuum – LIVE PATIENT Implant Training – New Year Deal Has Ended
Raleigh, NC – 3D Dentists implant continuum focused on helping dentists with clinical and business skills needed to take control of their future

Multidisciplinary Course Deals

Monday Morning Dentistry – New Year Deal Has Ended
Dr. Nicholas is the founder of Monday Morning Dentistry as well as a practicing dentist in Burtonsville, MD with over 30 years of experience. He became tired of dental efficiency seminars and profitability programs that simply lacked actionable steps to success.

Practical Clinical Courses – New Year Deal Has Ended
Expand your practice with Orthodontics, a course led by Dr. David A. Wright and Dr. Jay Cazes. With over 2 million orthodontic cases starting annually in the US, the program helps practitioners grow their services. Covering diagnosis, treatment planning, and selecting clear aligner systems, this course equips you to meet the rising demand for orthodontic care. Gain essential skills to identify suitable cases, provide early treatment, and enhance your practice’s capabilities, ensuring you stay current with orthodontic advancements. Elevate your practice and offer comprehensive care to a broader patient base.

Anesthesia Courses Deals

Live Patient IV Moderate Sedation Training Course – New Year Deal Has Ended
★★★★★ 6 Reviews
Salt Lake City, Utah –Western Surgical and Sedation provides cost-effective and thorough IV Sedation training. The IV course aligns with the objectives and content outlined in the American Dental Association Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to Dentists and Dental Students.

Ultimate AnesthesiaNew Year Deal Has Ended
Online – By utilizing the advanced techniques demonstrated in the Ultimate Anesthesia system, you will successfully and skillfully learn the art of performing truly painless injections. During this 1 hour functional CE course, become a pro at managing even the most arduous anesthesia patients! I share the efficient approach I have developed to keep your schedule on track while still managing to effectively and painlessly numb patients before procedures.

The Local Anesthetic Master – New Year Deal Coming Soon
ONLINE – Delve into an in-depth exploration of a skill we employ daily! Dr. Jason Hoium, DMD, founder of, presents a comprehensive overview of everything related to local anesthesia in this course.

Restorative Courses Deal

The Rubber Dam Master Online Course – New Year Deal Has Ended
★★★★★ 17 Reviews
ONLINE – I know that online courses or webinars can often be dull and dry if they are not fully immersive. With this in mind, the content of this course is created to be engaging and captivating. All content uses clear photos and videos of live cases with my voice explaining every step and move that I do in the process.


One Hour Molar Root Canal, Build Up and CrownNew Year Deal Has Ended
Online – Their One Hour Root Canal, Build Up, and Crown course will teach Dentists how to eliminate 99% of the headaches associated with single molar root canals and crown procedures and keep treatment “in-house”.

Some of the most popular Online Courses of 2023

Third Molars Online –  $200 OFF
★★★★★49 Review
ONLINE – Interested in managing impacted third molars in your practice but unsure how to begin? Allow Dr. Nekky Jamal to assist you through the entire process, covering everything from case selection and PAN/CBCT analysis to armamentarium, flap design/sectioning techniques, nerve injuries, and complication management.

Spear Education 
★★★★★ 25 Reviews
With over 20 Resident Faculty members, Spear Education provides an unmatched level of combined dental expertise and unique perspectives to help Spear members achieve Great Dentistry. Spear Resident Faculty members provide guidance through both live and virtual continuing education opportunities all throughout the year for our members.

SplintCourse Online 
★★★★★ 66 reviews
ONLINE – Protrusive Dental SplintCourse Online masterclass was designed to simplify Occlusal Splints for Dentists by breaking the topic down in to bitesize chunks, full of clinical videos and LOTS of case studies. From pre-restorative Splints, appliances to protect teeth and those to manage myofascial pain – this course covers it all!

E-School: Everyday Endo Made Easy
★★★★★ 46 Reviews
ONLINE – E-School features 6 comprehensive modules (+2 bonus modules) you can access from any device at any time. In fact, you get LIFETIME access to the content. Each module contains detailed videos, tutorials, action sheets, and templates to make implementation easy. Every module is streamable online, and you’ll be able to watch all content at your own pace, unlike pricey in-person trainings that are all too easy to forget a few months later.

And most popular In-person Courses of 2023

Q-Implant Marathon –  $500 OFF
★★★★★ 11 Reviews
Brazil and Cambodia
– Discover the art of predictably, efficiently, and successfully placing dental implants in ample bone. This all-encompassing course incorporates hands-on exercises to equip you for socket preservation, flap design, implant placement, and suturing. Experience multiple sessions of LIVE implant surgery for a practical and immersive learning experience.

Implant Pathways – $100 Tuition Credit
★★★★★ 29 Reviews
Multiple location
– Implant Pathway dental implant courses are designed to get you comfortable with the material and the process, so you can confidently place implants on your own. Complete Session 1 online at your own pace. Build on that foundational knowledge in Sessions 2/3 with in-person lectures and hands-on dental implant training.

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