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Ali Jiwani

CEO @ Rally.Video (YCS20)

Moughees Ahmed

Engineer @ Loop – empowering e-commerce businesses! | ODC

Vimal Bhaya

Founder at Renergy Technologies | Stanford | ON Deck founder

Cato Pastoll

Co-Founder & CEO @ Loop – banking, cards and payments for 🌎 businesses

Raymond C. 

🌟Software Engineer | pls refer to audio beside name🌟

Aly Bhatia

Dentist | Founder at Course Karma


your AI fam on Product Hunt

AI Meme

Creates Meme’s using Chroma.dev and Cohere embeddings


Slack assistant that knows everything you know


Sales Development AI

Mobile Micro Learning App


Information retrieval from tables


Meet up

IRL in Toronto

Toronto’s First AI Hackathon

April 22, 2023

Toronto Machine Learning Summit

June 12th – June 14th, 2023

Toronto MLOps May Community Meetup

May 23, 2023

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