Your listing is complete, but reviews will take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

Reviews are the power of Course Karma. It’s why dentists use our site and why adding your listing is only the first step! Course listings with reviews recieve 8 times more traffic and 10 times as many registration attempts. This added traffic drives these listings to the top of search results and to our homepage under the section ‘Popular Courses’. As you can imagine this creates a powerful positive feedback loop until the only thing dentists will see is your course!

Note: Do not submit testimonials or feedback that you have received as a review on Course Karma. Only the attendee may submit their review, even if they have approved for you to use their feedback/testimonial publically.

Past Attendees

Let’s start here. There are many dentists that have already taken your course, and loved it! Their amazing review is just an email away.

Here is an email template that we have found to be effective:

Hello Dr. Specter,

Thank you for taking our course! I really hope you enjoyed it. As you know, many people rely on online reviews to make sure they are taking the best courses available. With that said, we would greatly appreciate it if you were to review our courses on the dental CE review site, Course Karma.

Their mission is to help dentists find the best CE which coincides with our goal of providing the best CE! By leaving a review you will help other dentists find out about our course and contribute to this impactful mission. Every review helps and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

You can click this link <insert listing url or>

Thank you taking the time out of your day. We greatly appreciate it!

Dr. Ross

We also provide Instagram post and story templates to let your user base know that your courses to gather and promote your reviews. You can download them at the bottom of this page.

New Attendees

Your course is coming up and you have a full house. How can we make sure that these dentist’s provide a review on your Course Karma listing?

Step 1: Add a final slide to your presentation. Click here to download the slide. It includes a QR code that attendees can scan so they can immediately write a review. Cool beans I know! If you are hosting an online course, just use your listing URL to direct attendees to write a review.

Step 2: Send a follow up email (recommended within 48 hours) to remind attendees to write a review for your course on Course Karma. Be sure to include your course listing URL. You can use the email template here too:

We also provide a digital feedback form and Automated CE Certification services. If you provide us a copy of your current feedback form we will digitize it. This gives attendees an option to leave a Course Karma review on your course listing while they are providing feedback for the course. With our Automated CE Certificate service they will also receive a PDF of their CE certificate. You can even include a quiz or require a code to verify attendance. Click here for more information on how it works or email us at

Some Resources

Use these resources to gather and promote your reviews! Be sure to tag us and we will share it on our Instagram as well @coursekarma.


Review Us Instagram Post

An Instagram post can reach your followers directly on their timeline


Review Us Instagram Story

The story feature is very widely used on Instagram and is another avenue to reach your followers


Final Slide for Presentations

This slide can be embedded in your presentations so that users can scan the bar code and leave a review for your course immediately. Alternatively if the course is online, you can leave the specific URL to your listing and have the attendees leave their reviews there