The Best Black Friday CE Deals 2021

A compiled list of dental CE deals available today

Is your inbox and Instagram full of Black Friday dental CE deals? Yea mine too. From Spear Education to E-school, our team is here to help you save your precious time and money by curating a list of the best deals on CE’s available. We will continue updating this list as new Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are available. Bookmark this page and come back often as we track this years best CE deals. Please comment on this post or DM us on Instagram @coursekarma if you see a great deal that didn’t make the list. 

While the majority of deals (and greatest savings) are on Online CE, there are some In-person course deals available as well. Online Deals seem to vary between 25% to 50%. We’ve included reviews from Course Karma where we can to help you filter out the amazing courses from the not so amazing. Our goal is not to feature every deal available under the sun but the best ones we can find. 

This article and Course Karma is made possible by you, our users. When you use our links or discount codes we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. With that being said we only share courses that we trust, stake our reputation on and recommend to our friends and colleagues. Thank you for supporting our mission of helping dentist’s find the best CE!

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Black Friday CE Sales Quick Links

For those who know what they want. For the rest who’d like more information, scroll down to the next section.

Note: Some deals are preloaded in the links, others require you to enter the code provided at checkout

Black Friday Deal Breakdown

Details, rating and reviews on some of the courses above

  • Third Molars Online (5/5 stars, 29 reviews)
    • Online wisdom tooth extraction course taught Dr. Nekky Jamal
    • Limited to 10 registrations
    • 25% off first 10 registrations. Use Code BLACKFRIDAY25
    • Course Karma Review
      • “This is hands down, the best CE course I’ve ever taken. I thought I was pretty good at extractions but Dr. Jamal’s course has taught me some new tricks which have improved my efficiency and confidence tremendously. His delivery is entertaining and energetic; the lectures fly by and it feels more like it’s 20 minutes long rather than 20 hours-I wish it was longer! Do not hesitate to take this course.”-Dr K. Martin 
  • E-School (5/5 stars, 29 reviews):
    • Online endodontic education
    • $600 off E-school Independent
    • Course Karma Review:
      • “Excellent course, well worth the time and resources invested. I highly recommend Dr. Chopr’s course for the GP that is looking to gain a deeper understanding of endodontics, to become a better diagnostician and to ultimately do the best endo they possibly can. The modules are well thought out and very professionally executed. Highly recommended!”-Sean Van Tuyl, DMD
  • Digital Smile Design (4/5 stars, 4 reviews)
    • Online or in-person by Dr. Christian Coachman
    • 25% off DSD Residency 1 Courses (Online and In-person)
    • Course Karma Review:
      • “Dr. Coachman has definitely developed a very well thought out digital workflow for doing full mouth aesthetic dentistry. This course walks you through that workflow and expands further by going into lots of tips for how to improve practice marketing and operate practices more efficiently. At 4 days, this course is a little long and I felt that a lot of the material could be condensed down into 2-3 days.

        Overall, this is a really good course if you are wanting to start implementing a fully digital workflow. There is a bit of a push to use their lab in Madrid to do the cases but you can use a lot of the ideas with your own labs as well.”-ZiaVerjee

  • Dental Online Training (5/5 stars, 10 reviews):
    • Online education with hands-on kit by Dr. Dennis Hartlieb
    • 40% off Premium Membership
    • Course Karma Review:
      • “Dr. Hartlieb is an incredible educator and the Dental Online Training website is tremendous! The course content that is provided can help ANYONE from a new dental graduate to a veteran of the field. The way the content is organized allows it to be done at your pace and around your busy schedule, and the production value is as good as any dental education out there. I would recommend ALL of the courses on the website, especially considering the value!
  • Dental Nachos:
    • Online courses taught by Dr. Paul Goodman and various instructors
    • Up to 80% offUse code: 80BLACK
  • Q-Implant Marathon (4.5/5 stars, 9 reviews):
    •  In-person implant education (including sinus lifts, ramus grafts etc) in Dominican Republic, Cambodia and Laos.
    • Up $1,500, and receive 5 additional implants to place (In-Person)
    • Course Karma Review:
      • “Great course, I’d highly recommend. I took it in DR in Oct 2020 and placed 36 implants which helped to gain confidence and get my systems down. There really wasn’t any lecture portion which was nice as I had some implant experience coming in. However, if you haven’t had much exposure to implants, taking a didactic course wouldn’t hurt. The instructors were all very friendly and helpful. Hotel accommodations nice, and always felt very safe.”-Dr. B

  • Restored Smiles (5/5 reviews, 43 reviews)
    • In-person implant education in California
    • 50% off Sessions 1-2. Use code BlackFriday50
    • $2000 of Sessions 1-3. Use code BlackFriday2000
    • 50% off CGF50. Use code: BlackFridayCGF50
    • Course Karma Review:
      • “Dr. Huss teaches an excellent course on implants that gives you all the fundamentals you need! Would highly recommend. The didactic and hands on portion were top notch. I left that weekend already feeling like a better clinician especially with my new knowledge on suturing. The personalized attention you get during his course is super helpful. This is as good as it gets!” -Imran
  • MOD Institute
    • In-person courses in Charleston, SC on Digital design, 3D printing, milling, and dental implants 
    • 10% off on hands-on courses (In-person). Use code: COURSEKARMA
  • PTIFA (5/5 stars, 1 review)
    • Online botox and filler course 
    • $420 off Advanced Anatomy Review & Intro to Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler. Use Code: Karma
    • Course Karma Review:
      • “I am a Dentist from Ireland who has taken both basic and advanced courses in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler in both the UK and North America. For me, the training at PTIFA exceeds any course I have ever taken. When researching PTIFA, what stood out for me was their emphasis on anatomy-based teaching. The level of detail and guidance provided in their courses is truly exceptional- ranging from online videos, lectures, cadaver teaching and hands-on training…” -Dr. Etaoin Quinn 
  • Rondeau Seminars

That’s all for now! We will continue to update this page. Please comment below if we missed any deals.

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