What Tuition Credits are and how to use them!

Earning Tuition Credits

We provide Tuition Credits when you register for certain course. Once you have registered and attended the course the Tuition Credit will be calculated and added to your account. The credit can than be used towards these amazing courses on Course Karma.

Alternate option: Amazon Gift Card or Cash Back

Don’t do it, don’t fall for the allure of the Amazon gift card!

We are kidding of course. You can always decide to take an Amazon Gift Card instead of the Tuition Credit. The gift card (or cash back) will be of a lesser amount than the tuition credit. It can be claimed immediately after attending the course. Just send us an email at hello@coursekarma.com and we will send it your way. If you prefer Cash Back, the amount will be sent to you via PayPal.

Using your Tuition Credits

  1. Select a course you would like to use your tuition credit towards. You can use the credit towards these courses.
  2. Let us know what course you are interested by emailing us at hello@coursekarma.com
  3. We will assist you with registration
  4. We will send you the Tuition Credit amount via Paypal (up to the price of the course)

Note: Tuition Credits cannot be used during sales events such as Karma Days or Black Friday