Your On-boarding Package! Thank you for choosing Course Karma

Step 1: Course Provider Activation Form

Let’s start off by filling out a simple activation form, which includes our policies and additional services we provide. We provide a lot of services that have helped our partners strive in the stream of continuing education. Let us know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t and we can start working to help you right away!

Step 2: Add and Edit your Courses on Course Karma

Amazing! Now onto YOU. Let’s start adding your course information onto our platform. Be sure to include any photos and videos you have because this is were thousands of dentists will look for information, to see if this course is for them! More info on adding your affiliate link below.

We will approve the course once Step 3 is completed. You can edit your listing from your dashboard. Reach your dashboard by clicking your username at the top right of your screen when you are logged in on

Please note, the course must be reoccurring and the course price must be over $100 USD (see below for adding free webinars). Our goal is to help dentists find the best CE by sharing reviews. If a course does not reoccur, the reviews will not be useful.

Step 3: Provide us an Affiliate Link

Now let’s make sure we know exactly when we are making a sale and calculate our sales fee. This data allows us to cater our platform to you, to make sure we are actually providing you a benefit! We can optimize your listing based on this information to adjust to variations in the CE market.

Depending on which platform your website is built on, an affiliate dashboard will be available or are simple to set up. Through the dashboard we will be able to generate an affiliate link and see how many sales we have provided. The affiliate link will then be added to your listing under the “Registration URL”. Please set the cookies to track for 180 days. Feel free to email us at, if you have any questions regarding this process.

Step 3 Alternative: If Affiliates are not an Option

If we consult and decide affiliates are not an option (or cookies cannot be placed), we ask that you provide our users a discount code for your courses. That way every time one of our users use the discount code, you will know we provided a sale. The discount does have to be greater than any discount code you are currently providing on your site (otherwise our users will not use the code you created for us). As an added bonus, providing a discount will also land you on our very popular deals page.

It is well worth noting that many of our course providers choose to provide discounts in addition to affiliation as it provides advertising on our second most viewed page. For more information on advertising click here. Now back to your on-boarding process at Course Karma.

Step 4: Reviews, Reviews Reviews! (The Most Important Step)

What do dentists love most about our platform? Reviews! Nowadays finding out about an amazing course largely depends on your network of colleagues and mentors. This can be quite limiting, and is a problem Course Karma is actively solving.

By providing reviews on your course listing we find that course have 8 times as much traffic and 10 times as many registration attempts. This is HUGE, and points to the fact that listing is the first step, but providing value to your customers really comes down to getting those reviews.

Now you may be wondering what the best method is to get these reviews. Not to worry, we have a strategy that can work for you. Click on the button below to find out more about how you can get reviews from dentists.

Note: Do not submit testimonials or feedback that you have received as a review on Course Karma. Only the attendee may submit their review, even if they have approved for you to use their feedback/testimonial publically.