Karma Days are the back and will be taking place in mid-August! Karma Days is the largest dental CE deals event that we heavily promote to drive sales. As borders open up, we are incredibly excited to be introducing in-person deals (alongside online) to our offerings this Karma Days. Since CE sales are usually lower during the summer we thought this will provide a bit of a boost for our partners.

Last November we had close to $150,000 in course sales during our first Karma Days event. Our network has substantially grown since then and our plan this year is to double that figure. The following are the dates for Karma Days 2.0:

  • Early Access will start on the August 20th
  • Karma Days 2.0 will be taking place from August 25th to the 31st.
  • Extended Access will continue on until September 8th

Note: Your course does not have to take place during these dates, this is how long the deals will last for. The limited nature of the deals is part of the reason why we see greater sales.

The goal of Karma Days is that of Course Karma, to inspire dentists to invest in themselves and take the best CE. It is also to support course providers like yourself who continue to push our profession forward.

Why you should participate:

Free advertising on Course Karma

This includes advertising on our homepage, newsletter and on our social media.

Increased sales and exposure of your program

We will be heavily promoting Karma Days via dental Facebook groups, Instagram influencers, podcasts and paid advertising to drive sales. Course Karma users are your target audience, dentists actively searching for CE.

Reduced fees

Last Karma Days we heavily reduced our enrollment fees due to the challenging situation facing course providers during the pandemic. Even though things have turned around (thankfully) we are pleased to announce we will be maintaining our reduced rates for Karma Days 2.0! That way the maximal discount is passed on to our users and it is an easy decision for you to join in on the fun.

For those of you that will be cross promoting, online courses sales fees will be reduced to 5% and for in-person courses to 2.5%. Again, we only charge on sales we provide. If we don’t provide any sales for you, you will still benefit from the exposure at no cost.

Cross promotion includes emailing your subscribers about your participation in Karma Days and sharing on your social media. While Karma Days is a collaborative effort we understand cross promotion may not be possible for everyone. A different fee structure is available for those who are unable to cross promote.

How to take part in Karma Days:

  1. Please let us know the best deal you can provide on your course
    • We are branding Karma Days as the best deals of the year
    • Deals are available for limited time and you can further limit the quantity as well
    • Examples of deals:
      • 50% off from August 20th to September 8th
      • First to register gets the course for free and then 50% off from August 20th to August 25th.
      • 50% off for the first 2 registrations, 25% off limited to 5 registrations
  2. Share with your network!
    • In the spirit of coming together to promote continuing education we ask all providers to share their participation in Karma Days with their network.

Next Steps

Please click the button below to get started. If you have any questions feel free to email us at hello@coursekarma.com. We hope you are as excited as we are about Karma Days. And remember, the sooner you register the sooner we can start promoting your courses!